The Finjan

In every sip of Arabic coffee there are a thousand tales to tell. In Arabia centuries ago, the coffee bean was roasted, brewed, and serve. The air was an infusion of scents: spices and the dusts of the desert.

Allow this book to lead you on a journey to the source of coffee. Discover works of art that are left in an empty cup and the cultures and customs that have evolved through them with every swirl and sip. We will travel from the atmosphere of my mother's house to many history-laden corners of the Middle East.

The Finjan, a beautiful and unique coffee table book devoted to Coffee with the emphasis on the culture of Arab coffee in its beginning stages. It is unlike anything seen before developed by Daveeda Shaheen, a Syrian-American artist. It is a personal journey discovering the art of the coffee cup. Chosen for publication because of its artistic portral about coffee culture of old, The Finjan is a collection of many stories and traditions that have only ever before been passed on by word of mouth and within...

The Art in a cup of coffee.